About Our History.

We began our journey in 1985, dealing with the service, repair and small scale manufacturing of hydraulic equipment and machinery. From humble beginnings, we worked our way upwards in the hydraulics field to become authorized dealers of hydraulic equipment.

From there, we began manufacturing our own equipment which included hydraulic cylinders and power packs, while also dealing with a variety of machinery like hydraulic tools and pumps. From dealing with small ventures, our dedication and attention to detail helped us grow and expand our business to large scale enterprises as well.

Formerly known as Vaber Hydraulics up until 2000 and BMK Hydraulics up until 2019, we founded New BMK Hydraulics in 2020, and set out on our new endeavour to reach new heights. We deal nationally with our clients spread across the country while also serving international clients from a few countries as well. We cater to a variety of industries such as the Oil and Gas Industry, Shipping, Railways and ISRO to name a few.

While manufacturing and dealing of hydraulic equipment are a part of our core services, we also provide consultation and solutions for Hydraulic problems, design hydraulic circuits and also deal with hydraulic needs for construction firms, aviation and Port Trust.

We associate ourselves with the manufacture, servicing and retail of hydraulic equipment and machinery. We take pride in our wide product range and make sure we are able to meet the needs of every customer to achieve the best possible solution.